For the last 3 years Zyshawn and Chris Richardson has been playing around my house taking things out my yard, every day for 3 years Chris cuss me out for 3 years and today he threatened my life. Some mornings someone would leave a dead bird in our yard with no head or feet, and Chris would be out side looking and laughing every single time. Who cut the head off a bird and the little feet and la...
Congratulations !!!It's My New Dawn Era! Winners Chapel International announces her presence in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Please, if you are a Winner, let's connect. Come fellowship with us this Saturday November 3rd, 2018 at 5pm. Venue: Comfort Suites, 1016 N Martin Luther King Hwy, Lake Charles, LA, 70601. Ad number: #374717366 Contact: SHALONE ANDERSON City: Lake Charles Zip: 70601
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